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Specialty Enamel Cookware

Add an international flavor to your cooking with our selection of specialty enamel cookware. Our paella pan, tagine, wok and fondue set are just the right thing. As always...FREE SHIPPING
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At EnamelCookwarePlus, we want to supply all your cookware needs.

In addition to enamel coated standard roasters, casseroles, sets, stock & pasta pots, we offer specialty enamel cookware items to compliment your everyday cooking.

Want to add an international flair to special dinners?

For a Spanish theme, our enamel coated paella pan is perfect for this traditional dish. Make a pitcher of your favorite Sangria and it’s party time!

Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine?

With its rich, fragrant flavor, few meals are more satisfying than the hearty stew prepared in a tagine.

Our tagine is great for recipes using lamb, chicken, fish or beef with flavorful Middle East spices. The smell of these wonderful spices simmering in the tagine will have your guests anxious to enjoy your fine cooking.

Thinking about an oriental night….

Our enamel coated wok is the right choice. Stir fry your favorite vegetables with chicken, shrimp or beef and lay atop steamed white rice. Compliment the meal with some hot sake’.

Casual dinner night?

Our enamel coated fondue set is perfect for a light dinner…vegetables, chunks of crusty bread and fruit are all tasty ‘dippers’ with a nice bottle of chilled wine !

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.